Political Surveys

Our flagship online service to help elected and selected political leaders to connect with people to help them with their problems. Meeting everyone face to face becomes really difficult in this uncertain times hence an online solution really helps you to connect with your people at the comfort of your office. It also helps the people as even they don’t have to travel just to get heard. The problems can also be taken through online portal and relevant solutions can be provided.

Political Survey

  • Hassle free service – The entire online set up at your office without your worrying or even knowing about the technology used for communication.
  • Multiple Webcam Capabilities – Multiple Webcam, to capture, you, Your team, other important dignitaries, (Could be in same of different locations) Beneficiaries, and people joining with their requests, all in one frame
  • Simple user interface, can be used by anyone – Simple user interface to help even people from remote areas to access the setup.
  • Invites & Reminders – Special feature to invite people and send reminders to audiences about the session which will be broadcasted live.
  • Audio, video & Chat interaction available – All 3 modes of communication available with a filtered version of the same shared with you, so you don’t miss any complain.