Political Campaign Management

Are you looking at different ways and right strategies to connect with the goal base of your political life? Are you looking for the right tools, which can turn into a victory in elections? Are you looking for political experts who can run your political campaign better and be able to complete your political flight? Election Care is one of several political advisory companies in India for “Political Data Analytics” and “Digital Election” strategy services in India.

Campaign Management

  • Winning Strategy – One good campaign strategy can be a game changer for you in elections. Our unique approach helps in get the cutting edge over opponents
  • Data Analysis – Data has been and is still is the game changer in elections. With our to the point analysis you will always remain a step ahead in elections
  • Survey & Reports – We help you know voter’s sentiment to help you design your election manifesto.
  • Social Media Campaign – Social media plays an important role in elections. Our expert team ensures visibility so your voters are updated about your move.
  • War Room Set up – The last winning piece of the game. Probably the most important corner of your campaign. We help you setup, operate and monitor the entire War Room.
  • Voters Details Software – Our inhouse Voters Management application, gives you a bird eye view about your potential voters and helps you plan your campaign accordingly
  • Media Management – We manage your reputation in Media for you. We get you the required limelight and drive the way it should be done.
  • Candidate Image Management – Image is everything. We create a prism for your image so you fit in every aspect of your voter’s expectations
  • Booth Level Management Training – This last day strategy is a make or break deal. We need to get our soldiers ready, trained and deployed for it. And we do it all for you