We are an agency specialising in research & outreach. We are an organisation dedicated to conducting research that wants to contribute in creating better policies, and a more robust public discourse about the structures and processes that shape life in India.

We work with research teams to craft your message for your audience. Under this vertical we want to work with central & various state governments in their policy development & research and outreach work. We specialize in public policy designing and have a dedicated team of experts to do the same. Our focal areas include education, rural development, sports, health, tourism, industries, and Urbanization


Research Operations

A strong research draws clear links to policy initiatives. They serve as a vehicle for providing evidence-based policy advice to help law makers make informed decisions.


Policy Draft

We ensure that the wording and length or complexity of the policy are appropriate to those who will be expected to implement it.



We work on how will the policy be communicated to the target audience. We train the staff & volunteers responsible for implementation to ensure smooth implementation of policies


Impact Analysis

In this step we measure the impact of the policy. Our monitoring and reporting systems are in place to assess usage and responses of target group.